Photographer Albert Lewis is passionate about helping animals and believes every pet deserves a loving home. He volunteers with animal shelters and rescues all over the country, and around the world... from Alaska to Canada to the lower 48 and mexico, he has photographed at over 50 different facilities and will continue to help make a difference. Photographing dogs and cats to give them a better chance of finding forever homes. Albert's professional photos result in increased adoptions and help generate more traffic to the shelters and rescues. He has a 100% adoption rate for the animals he has photographed, so something is working!

Albert is also offering workshops at shelters in the United States, Canada and Mexico, his mission is to educate and inspire other passionate animal ambassadors to improve the image of rescue and adoption, striving towards ending pet over population and unnecessary suffering. Please visit the website to learn more and how you can help.


"We have a voice, we have the means, we owe it to these homeless animals to do our best to help find them a home. They are self-less, loving and forgiving - qualities I think human beings can admire and only hope to replicate. We need to show these creatures that we are grateful for the amazing beings that they are. Let's not let them down and lets not stop the fight for freedom of these voice-less animals." —Albert Lewis